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How to Connect Android phone to TV With or Without Cable

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For the new Android phone, one of the questions that Mira is how to connect a phone to Television (TV) ? Usually they do that to play games, watch movies and browse on the bigger screen.
How to display the Android screen on TV there is a use of cable and some are wireless. Below, we describe how to connect a phone to a TV that can be used on the ASUS, Samsung, Xiaomi or other Handphone’s.
Preparation that needs to be done to connect handphone to the TV first done is to find out first about the spesification Android Handphone and TV to be used.
For those who want to connect the phone to the TV wirelessly, make sure the availability of Miracast feature on your Android Handphone and TV. Next look at the availability of video output port on Android handphone and know the type of port used for you who choose to use cable to connect Android phone to TV.

So far, mobile phone running on Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean to the top is eqipped with built-in Miracast feature Some of them have a different naming as in Samsung Galaxy phone that call it with All Share or Samsung Link, while in the Android phone most features Miracast called with “Wireless display”.

If you have a Android phone has Miracast feature, now it’s time to see the support of these features on your TV device. If you home TV does not have Miracast, then you need to buy an extra dongle.

If the above preparations have been done, it’s time to connect Android phone to TV. The three options below you can use to connect Android phone to TV, including.

To connect phone to TV in this way no TV out app is required. You just provide a cable but not just any cable. Check what type of cable that ends with the port on your Android phone. Consider the two types of cables below which correspond to your phone.

  • Micro HDMI cable to HDMI
  • MHL cable that has two connectors, Micro USB to HDMI. Also make sure your Android phone supports MHL features, as not all provide support for this technology.

Step or how to connect Android phone to TV using cable connection :

  1. First, please turn off your TV first by pressing the on / of button.
  2. Connect your TV to your Android phone by plugging the flat end of the cable into the phone, while the large end you put into a TV socket bearing the HDMI.
  3. Reactivate your TV and move the channel to the HDMI option.
  4. Switch to phone, please tick the option labeled “HDMI Connection”. In this process, make sure your phone is not in lock mode to make it easier to set it up.
  5. Now, the screen display on the Android phone you can see on TV. You can move to landscape orientation to fit the field of the TV screen and be more comfortable to see.

Hoe to Connect a Handphone to a Cable TV

Connecting the phone to a TV wirelessly, can use the Miracast feature in your phone. Before you start, check the availability of the Miracast feature on your phone and TV or purchase a Miracast dongle or receiver if your TV does not have that feature.

How to connect phone to TV (Smart TV) of course vary. The following ways may suit your TV :

  1. On the remote control press Home
  2. Select Network
  3. Click Miracast, enable or “ON”.
  4. TV will do a scan, immediately activate Miracast on smartphone or tablet.
  1. On the remote control press the Source button
  2. Select Screen Mirroring
  3. The TV will scan other devices for connection. The scan time is 2 minutes.
  4. Immediatelly activate Miracast on your smartphone or tablet before 2 minutes runs out.
  1. On the remote control press the INPUT button
  2. Use the up-down button to select Screen mirroring, then press OK
  3. The TV is in stand-by position and waiting for connections from smartphone or tablet devices.

The process is continued by opening Setting on Android phone. Usually the setting on Android phones vary, depending on what brand handphone you use. For example;

  • ASUS Zenfone
  1. Setting> In the Wireless and network click More…
  2. Click Pay to
  3. Pop up “Select device” appears. There is your Smart TV name then clicked
  1. Setting> In the device section click Display>Wireless Display
  2. Right-click Wireless Display button to enable Miracast feature
  3. Wait a while until your smart TV name appears in the Devices List
  4. Then click the name of the smart TV
  • LG Optimus
  1. Setting> In the Wireless & Network section click more
  2. Click Miracast, wait a moment will appear your smart TV name, then click the smart TV
  • Nexus
  1. On the Menu click Settings
  2. In the Device section, click Display>Cast Screen
  3. On the More menu icon click
  4. Click on the box next to “Enable wireless display” to enable it
  5. Wait a while until your smart TV name appears, then clicked.
  • Samsung Galaxy
  1. Setting> Wireless and Networks> More Setting> All share Cast
  2. In the Connect and share section, click Screen Mirroring
  3. Your TV’s smart name will appear in the list. Click the name of the smart TV for connection.
  4. If successful, the smartphone screen will appear on your smart TV screen.
  • Xiaomi
  1. Click Setting> Click More..
  2. Click Wireless Display
  3. In Wireless Display page, activate by shifting position of virtual button to ON position.
  4. Wait a while until your Smart TV appears. If it appears click on your smart TV.

After a while, a list of Miracast networks from the TV or dongle will be visible. After pressing the appropriate Miracast network, the Android phone will stabilize the connection and all the display on the Android phone screen you can see on TV.